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  1. Market Price Analysis for Washington Organic Apples and Pears in 2003-2006 , 2007
  2. Apple Industry, Projecting Crop Size
  3. Crop Projection Excel file
  4. Per Acre Receipts for Red Delicious & Gala Apples
  5. Measuring the Effects of Generic Price and Non-Price Promotional Activities: the Case of Washington Apples
  6. A Cost Production Analysis of Conventional vs. Irrigated vs. Organic Apple Production Systems
  7. Organic Apple Production in Washington State: An Input-Output Analysis: SES WP 2005-3
  8. Use Packouts to Evaluate Orchard Practices, 2004
  9. A Brief Look at the Washington Apple Industry SES 04-05
  10. Measuring the Apple Industry from the 2002 Census of Agriculture.
  11. Organic Apple Price in Response to Crop Size Supplied to the Market


  1. Asparagus Research
  2. Alternatives to Manual Sorting Using Selected Electronic Graders in Asparagus
  3. Fresh Packing Sheds: a Cost-Benefit Analysis: EB 1958
  4. Asparagus New Technologies: Field Research Projects, 2002
  5. Asparagus New Technology: Web Album
  6. Asparagus Selective Machine Harvester
  7. Establishment and Annual Production Costs for Washington Asparagus in 2001
  8. Selective Harvester June 2003 update
  9. Selective Harvester Trials, October 2004 update
  10. Simulation of Harvesting Asparagus: Mechanical vs. Manual June 30, 2004
  11. Asparagus Harvester Evaluation - El Centro Test March 2005
  12. Final Report Asparagus Harvester Trials Geiger Lund Selective Harvester Evaluation 2004-2005


  1. Painter, Kate and Dennis Roe, 2007. "Economics of Canola Production in the Pacific Northwest." Working Paper 2007-17.

Cooperative Financing

  1. Options in Financing Agribusiness Cooperatives
  2. The Changing Dynamics of Grain Cooperatives in Eastern Washington


  1. Market Price Analysis for Washington Organic Apples and Pears in 2003-2006 , 2007
  2. Effect of Size and Grade on Profitability of Marketing D'Anjou Pears


  1. Potatoes for the Fresh Market: The Costs of Growing and Packing
  2. 2001 Cost of Producing Processing & Fresh Potatoes Under Center Pivot
    The Economic Impact of Potatoes in Washington State, EB1925
  3. The Economic Impact of a Possible Irrigation-Water Shortage in Odessa Sub-basin Potato Production and Processing (WP 2005-4)
  4. The Minimum Wage and Washington Competitiveness in the Potato Industry, EB1999E, (Sept. 2005)
  5. The Economic Impact of Potatoes in Washington State. EB1953E Replaces EB1925 and XB1039.


  1. Straw-to-Energy
  2. The Prospects for an Electrical Generation & Transmission Cooperative Fueled by Straw
  3. The Effect of the "No-Burn Ban" on the Economic Viability of Producing Bluegrass Seed in Select Areas of Washington State

Wine and Concord Grapes

  1. Summary of Ray Folwell's Wine Industry Research
  2. Small Winery Investment and Operating Costs, Aug. 2005, EB1996
  3. Bulk Winery Investment and Operating Costs, 2004, XB0997E
  4. Marketing Washington Wines at the Wholesale Level, 2004, XB1015E
  5. Establishment and Production Costs for Washington Concord Grapes, EB1965
  6. Wine Grape Establishment and Production Costs in Washington, 2003, Ext.Bul.1955
  7. Establishment and Annual Production Costs for Washington Wine Grapes, 1999
  8. Concord Grape Establishment and Production Costs in Washington, 1996
  9. Production and Marketing Risks Associated with Wine Grapes in Washington, 2003.

Coop Extension Agribusiness Management Newsletters

Cash/Asset Analysis

  1. Idle Cash
  2. Statistical Decision Theory
  3. Time & Value of Money
  4. Guide to Borrowing
  5. Old Assets
  6. Debt Cost as a Source of Capital
  7. Evaluating Capital Investment
  8. Eval. Alternative Cap. Investment Programs
  9. Agribus. Profits & the Extension of Credit
  10. Calculating Additional Funds Needed
  11. Missing Asset
  12. So You Need a Loan?
  13. Current Value Accounting-What's In It for You?
  14. Agribusiness Investments & the "Prime Rate"
  15. Chapter 12 Bankruptcy in Retrospect; its Impact on Agribusiness Firms
  16. A Review of the Farm Machinery and Equipment Industry
  17. Extending Customer Credit in the Rural Market
  18. A Label Change for Farm Credit

Management Analysis

  1. Are you a Manager?
  2. PERT: a Management Planning and Control Technique
  3. Potential Manager
  4. People Management
  5. Management Communications
  6. Suggestion Box
  7. Management Myths
  8. Mgmt. Strategies Break-Even Analysis
  9. Break-Even Analysis continued
  10. Vacation
  11. Transportation Management
  12. Economese
  13. Annual Meeting
  14. Managing Change
  15. Management of Time
  16. Mgmt: From Cleopatra to Henry Ford
  17. Management Audit
  18. Agribus. in a Social-Conscious Environment
  19. The Manager and His Better Half
  20. Successful Patterns in Agribusiness Selling
  21. Management's Legal Relations
  22. Figure the Odds
  23. Management by Objective
  24. Have You Looked in the Mirror Lately?
  25. Time-the Most Inefficiently Use Resource
  26. The Manager Under Stress
  27. Agribusiness Managers Are Born, Not Made?
  28. Market Segmentation as an Aid to Agribus Mrkt
  29. Personnel Management in Agribusiness
  30. Management Development and Succession: an Agribusiness Challenge
  31. Management Strategies for Small Agribusiness Firms
  32. Matrix Management
  33. Understanding Management Styles
  34. The Wisdom of Jethro
  35. Management Actions: Fact or Folklore
  36. Leadership and Management in the Agribusiness Industry
  37. Management Theory and Practice: Are there Irrevocable Differences?
  38. Time to Decide?
  39. A Manager's Right Not to Know


Pricing/Cost Analysis

  1. Pricing Management
  2. Triangular Profile
  3. Receivable Analysis
  4. Price and Profit Management
  5. Price and Profit Management Tables
  6. Overtime Costs
  7. Belt-tightening Blues
  8. Agribusiness and Phase II
  9. Purchase or lease:
  10. Agricultural's Energy Appetite
  11. Price Inflation & the Agribus Industry
  12. Pesticides: Issues & Options for the Food Marketing Systems
  13. Logistical Efficiency Underlies Agribus Success
  14. Trucking in No. Amer. Under an Emerging NAFTA: a Country Profile & Potential Prospects for Pacific NW Agribusiness Managers
  15. Potholes in the Road to Success
  16. What is your Firm's "Export-Ability?"
  17. Coming Transportation Issues
  18. Free Trade Agreement between US and Canada: Status for Red Meats and Grain
  19. A Fundamental Review of Agricultural Marketing
  20. Purchase or Lease
  21. Economic Trends, Prognostications, and Concerns as they Relate to Agribusiness
  22. When you Buy from Yourself, How Much Should it Cost?
  23. Managing for Success and Failure in a Small Agribusiness Firm
  24. International Exchange Rates: What Effect do they Really Have?

Agribusiness Performance

  1. Product Diversity
  2. Merger Minded
  3. Accountant
  4. Inventory Management Control
  5. Annual Report
  6. Standards of Performance
  7. Long-Range Planning
  8. Consultant on Consulting
  9. Agribusiness Advertising
  10. Preparing an Agribusiness Plan
  11. The 1970s—a Decade of Shortages
  12. A 79 Cent Bargain
  13. Agribusiness Trade Assoc—Benefits and Costs
  14. World Food Productivity and Agribusiness Exports
  15. Generating Sales & Maintaining Customer Satisfaction
  16. Techies, Junkies & Hackers: Computers in the Agribusiness Industry
  17. Another View of Long-range Marketing
  18. Strategies for Agribusiness Industry
  19. Capital Investments and Discounted Cash Flows


  1. Director/Management Compatibility
  2. Equity Ramification Coop Operating Losses
  3. Managing Coop Bankruptcy
  4. Costs of Capital Supplementation
  5. Coop Director Liability Exposure
  6. Popularist View of Cooperative Principles
  7. Agribus. Coops in the 21st Century
  8. Dissenter's Rights: One Vote
  9. Cooperative Taxation
  10. Coop Taxation: 2 Steps Forward and 1 Back
  11. Financing & Capitalizing the Future of Agribusiness Cooperatives
  12. Farmer Coops: the Struggle for Market Power
  13. Agribusiness Coops Under Attack
  14. Your Coop - Will You Lose it Through Inefficiencies?
  15. Retained Coop Earnings: Redemption vs. Securities Exposure
  16. Revolving Cooperative Equity-A Generation of Misunderstanding
  17. Cooperative Combinations and Firm Growth


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